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This company makes organic solutions for the replacement of chemical pesticides and has a mission behind its curtains.

1. We have new organic product for mites. Its incredible and works right away. Mites gone in 4 days. Breaks the eggs outer layer. No resistance at all.Fruit or Veg.Stages of plant life. You will thank me. Apply twice a day. Light spray. Then wash off with light alkaline water. Use beet juice for ph up. or PHup for commercial use. Put it in the top soil and plant. Better than any other product. I have tried everything. This actually works. Please note for indoor gardening please spray early lights on and a few hours before lights off so the water evaporates. For perfect results please make the spray under the leaves and light enough so the leaf does not fold down from the weight. ALWAYS TRIM all the leaves off before spraying for best results.

2. We sell and distribute Neoseiulus californicus (McGregor) (Arachnida: Acari: Phytoseiidae). Great for an outer defence in your garden. Pro Active.

3. We make and distribute Frequency imprinted water for mildew removal in your garden. Completely organic! Your plants will love it in vegetation or fruiting. By by mildew.

4. We also have a skin product that is just amazing and natural for an under eye cream made from plant growth hormone. It works. Made from salt water algae.

5. We are also into Crohn's disease research and have found a solution. Still under some test runs but if you want to here more send us a letter! This is free.If we save your life maybe you could help us out with a donation. Our solution is almost entirely natural except there is an antibiotic used at the end of the procedure to finalize the clean up.
please send me an email if you have any questions. we are in retail outlets in Vernon to Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

The company has a mission to build infrastructure that creates clean oceans and renewable energy and food and plenty of green employment. Aquaculture and energy and tourism all combined into one piece of infrastructure. Lighting the oceans is my happy thoughts on the subject.

We would like to build floating forests of kelp under the oceans waves right from Alaska to South America. Underwater grids that will provide fuel and food sustainability locally and a clean oceans globally.

Imagine an underwater forest from Vancouver to Lima and if we needed to remove carbons we could simply harvest a seasonal kelp and use it for fuel. With a slight mixture of kelp you have a year round filter and habitat . We buy tenure in our local ocean water and want to build underwater platforms with rope covered or inside used plastic pvc piping. Whale safe and would give them a protection zone. Placed in water channels in the ocean. Filtering the planet using the energy of its own rotation and water currents. Infrastructure in our oceans is really needed. Just fingers or grids that extend into the water currents from land. All sitting 25 feet below the waves. We are building the first one. We might attach a wind mill to it and light up the waters a little.

We work in the north pacific and southern parts of Vancouver Island. Because if the depth of our ocean here we are looking at developing a dome with framing or spiles extending from the center of our dome to the outside the dome an extended 20 feet. Inside farming can be both bi-valve and fish and outside farming is kelp and other algae that will clean and filter waste. There is always the question of keeping them in place. Send me an idea if you have one. Making a commercial profit it would be sustainable once put into place. We are looking at building a small one to start unless we get some serious donations or a government contract. We would bring back and protect fish and mammals in the pacific . Clean the waters and remove plastics. Stabilize ph levels and create a profit. This would be a great project for communities and employment.

We currently make money with our feature product an under the eye cream. Made mostly from hormone produced by algae. It will remove your wrinkles as your skin cells rebuild. All natural. 100 percent guaranteed. And we farm our own so we enhance our ecosystem. What we collect is sustainable . email us

THE SKIN CREAM THAT WORKS STORY I have been mucking around with algae for years. I was just experimenting with one of my favourite algae one day and I pondered on a catalyst that made her produce a plant based growth hormone.

I had been using it for garden with growth stimulation my tomatoes grew bigger and tastier. When a few friends came over one week and started putting it on their face. It made their skin soft and tight at the same time. One girl used it for 3 days and her crows feet were gone. She still uses it. So I added liquid B vitamins and some trace minerals with a little alginic acid for removal of the old skin . All derived from the same algae after the hormone was produced and separated. I did ad some natural ant-fungal for a preservative. It will make your face look young again I promise. Get rid of those dark eyes and crows feet with green science and let me bring back Cod and Salmon into our oceans. Its a win win! or send a donation. But soon we will be doing these projects with current sales rising. Thank you for all your help!! Cheers from BC Canada

CAREFUL WHAT KELP PRODUCTS YOU PURCHASE PLEASE If your ever buying a product with kelp in it. Please make sure they grow their own or harvesting is sustainable as kelp manages the ph levels in our ocean ... and these days its not a wining battle. Once the ph goes down low enough our herring will no longer be able to spawn. They are a most valuable piece to the food chain in the local ecosystem. The salmon and whales rely on them. Building underwater around cities could really change things. We want to build in current water way rings so we can catch floating plastics and carbons of coarse. 22 million tons of CO2 is absorbed into our ocean daily but I think its alot more than that now. This type of development could stabilize our carbons and let us use them for fuel. separating the water into h2 and oxygen with infrastructure. Floating boeys with alternators inside them attached to the underwater floors .. So you get the wave energy with little maintenance and set-up costs. Anyway we should take it easy on kelp products less they are making floors of it and actually helping the local ecosystem and let the kelp do their job. ... help change things. :) . Promoting companies that are environmentally enhancing and create infrastructure for further growth and sustainability is a key to change. Someday we plan on providing low and middle income families, single moms especially, full supplements and a grocery card with out profits. Jobs for anyone who needs one. Enjoyable healthy healing work with mother nature. Building floors 25 feet under the oceans waves and planting giant kelp. A nice concept but requires infrastructure . Picture miles and miles of gridded floors below the ocean waves growing forests of kelp. Beds running out to deep ocean waters but floating below the waves. Makes for infrastructure for local community aquaculture and tourism! energy!! Let the waves separate the water and use the hydrogen. :). It also cleans the ocean waters of excess nitrogen, carbon and phosphates. Balancing the ph naturally. It also provides natural habitat for fish and almost all ocean wildlife. Ecological enhancement is our game. Cleaning up our planet is our mission.
Using city recycled items we are making safe underwater floating grids. We will have some videos.
Send us an email if you would like to help with the kelp. In the end these beds could begin providing fuel for the masses and balance . Miles of infrastructure under the ocean is our plan. If you would like to help us with kelp bed building send me an email. Our products will be in stores soon but if you would like to order something just email me! Have a wonderful day!
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We have a plan to bring back fish stocks in the Pacific Ocean.

Clean our water and air supplies

Unite communities with employment in an eco-enhancement project. we need sponsors .

New arts and environment group. Committed to the Development and Deployment of Environmental Enhancement Farming and ocean filters.

A place to meet environmentalists and artists. People working together to make a better place in your community.

Our innovative goal is to create floating kelp bed floors in deep waters with aquaclture infrastructure for the people in the community. Building an infrastructure and floaters with alternators.

We are currently looking for biologists and students. WE ARE HIRING

We are an environmental group. Our purpose is to clean our planet with floating beds of kelp. We are also getting a brewery started to make some more funds.

Click to the front page of the Magazine Helping disabled help themselves. Getting people working on floating kelp beds.Working in gardens, good housing is another project we are building. :) Kelp Vitamins.All our minerals and salts. A kelp bed can replenish our oceans with fish. Floating kelp beds in every cities waters will clean our air and feed our cities. Getting communities together. Giving people jobs. Another great kelp company can build forests just 25 feet under the waves.
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